Thursday, August 14, 2014

Marathon training update: Injuries suck

I've had to cut way back on running due to injuries and even then this injury is not healing as quickly as I expected. While I could push through it and maybe finish my marathon I decided it would be better to slow down, take more time off as needed, and heal completely. I still want to run a race this fall so I downgraded to a 10k, which I am certain I will finish, and maybe I'll consider a marathon next year once I've had a longer base of running. I'm really disappointed but I've done the best I could without causing harm to my body long-term and I made the best decision I can so that I can continue to train this fall without sacrificing important things like my job, my graduate school work, or my marriage.

Here's to moving forward... at a much... slower... I can

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Marathon Training Update 8/5

I lost a bit of fitness the past couple weeks.

But I'm excited to report my ankles are healed and running well again in the new shoes.

While I'm struggling through my runs I'm anxious to get back to my regularly scheduled distances. My plan is to run 4x/week this month. My runs will include 1 speed/short workout, 1 tempo run (quicker pace than normal for 3-4 miles), 1 shorter long distance (5 miles) and 1 slow long distance (10 miles plus) weekly. 

After my runs I sit in cold baths, ice my ankles, stretch, use tennis balls or foam rollers, and elevate my legs as much as possible. I have stopped taking any pain medicine. I look forward to doing the rest of this training injury-free and finishing my first marathon in less than 12 weeks!

This is where I'm at currently-- like starting over with the mental where my body feels ok but my mind convinces it that we can't do anymore after 25-30 minutes...blah.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

July Goals

My plan is to RE-ENERGIZE for 2014.

In July-
Socially, we had several important family events. We also made time to say yes to friends invitations, even some last minute ones (which often provokes a great deal of anxiety for me). I made time for 1:1 with a few close friends (by phone, email, and in person) which is always my most fulfilling kind of relationship.

Financially, we are currently focusing on this year's retirement contributions. Our net worth is increasing steadily as our mortgage balances continues to fall. We spent gift cards we had received months ago to "treat" ourselves to some meals out this month, which was a lot of fun!

Personally, I have been training to run a marathon and reading the huge stack of books on my nightstand. I made so much progress this month and really enjoyed the rest of my time off from school, running in the morning and reading in the afternoons most days until an injury has forced me to slow or stop running most days the past couple weeks. Setting goals that involve relaxation at this level is so helpful for me- yes I do a bit of cleaning or cooking, yes I run an errand or two, but writing out a daily goal list that focuses on activities like exercise, pleasure reading, and spending time with friends/family is so important for me, as a type A, who feels driven to achieve and do more. I made time for really important, rejuvenating activities this month, and I feel GREAT! It will take some balance to run, read and stay sociable as classes begin next month but I'm confident I can do it (and I put some shorter books on my nightstand so that I can set more realistic reading goals).

Professionally, I continue to work full-time. This summer has given me breathing room there as well without a lot of additional responsibilities. I had 2 important conversations with managers this month, which ended in their praise of my work, and completed my annual review. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Marathon Training Update: New Shoes, 0 miles

This week is about weaning off pain/anti-inflammatory medications and breaking in new shoes.

Only running about a mile or so these past few days to test the waters and get the pain to stop.

Got new shoes to try to correct the problem- had intense pain  the day following the long run last week. Will take a few days off and hope the rest makes them better. If they are not better over the next couple weeks, in new shoes, after significant rest and OFF pain/anti-inflammatory meds then I will have to retire my plans to run a marathon this year.

It's not worth a permanent injury to me.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Marathon Training Update July 24: Pain-free long run

I ran pain-free for a long run today!

So proud (and relieved) to be feeling better and back on track with training.

I'm babying myself a bit more around running these days... 0.5 mile walk before and after I run. Then 6.5 miles running (at 11+ min miles which is faster than my norm!). I tried an "ice bath" after running but even just the cold water in the tub was hard for me. I'll keep trying to work on this. I'm icing my ankles and will keep them elevated this afternoon while I work on my school work this afternoon.

So glad to be back on track...

photo from where I've been going for a bit of inspiration lately- highly recommend for inspirational women running in their late 30s and running some absolutely awesome splits in a marathon

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Marathon Training Update: Successful Post Injury Run (walk/run 4 miles)

I could have gone farther today. But I stopped and tried to go slowly so as not to push it beyond my limits and reinjure myself. Today's run was about getting out there and getting back into the running groove.

I really, really missed being outside in the fresh air. It felt good. I'm definitely addicted to my runner's high these days and love being out for a run.

Today I walked an entire mile before jogging.

I jogged continuously for 2.5 miles in 30 minutes (12 min mile pace).

Then I walked another half mile before a cold shower and ice/elevation to protect my ankles. I'll see how they respond today, if I can walk tomorrow, and try to do a little more work on my IT bands to loosen them up.

I'd love to go for a long slow run (5 miles?) tomorrow but I'm going to take it slow and see how I feel. If that goes well I will probably take Friday off and run 2-3 miles on Saturday and Sunday. Again, just about getting back into the groove.

Next week, if this goes well, I will resume my regular training schedule. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Marathon Training Update: July 19+20

attempt #1 on 7/19
0.25 miles walking
could not get running

attempt #2 on 7/20
a mix of walking and running
I could not get going and I had to quit each time I tried to run.
Eventually walking began to hurt and I sat down and felt like a failure.

Then I looked at my ankles...

Assessment: swollen outer ankles, bilateral, no pain, no bruise, unable to run 72 hours from my last run

Diagnosis: hopeful it's not a sprain, ? lymphedema or tendonitis

R- rest
I- ice
E- elevation

(can't do compression tonight- no ace bandages in house but will get one together)

I don't know when I will run again. I plan to do yoga tomorrow and try running again Tuesday. Boo, I hope this does not keep me out of my running shoes for long. But, more importantly I do not want to get hurt training for this thing.