Monday, January 26, 2015

100 Things Challenge: Month 1 update

100 Things Challenge: Month 1 Update

Wow, I've been busy this month.

As of last week I had placed 40 things in the sell pile, and tossed almost as many things into the trash.This week I got rid of:
-4 more video games
-2 more books to the sell pile
Total things we sold or gave away in January: 46

Sold: 4 games for $1 (they would have been better in the yard sale pile at that price!)
Total earned: $70 since January 1

Monday, January 19, 2015

100 Things Challenge: Week 3 Update

Last week we got rid of several items so we are at a total of 19/100 items and have earned $60.

This week I got rid of:
20) Another video that didn't play well to the trash
21) A cd to the yard sale pile
22) Another video to the sell pile
This week, I also listed a bunch of stuff on at Lydia's suggestion.
23-34) I listed and sold 11 cds and dvds to them immediately. We'll see if the process flows as smoothly as it seems to be going and I will add them to my "sold amount" if I actually get the check in a few weeks.
I also tossed about 10 cd cases that no longer had discs but I'm not counting them.
35-37) We sold 3 video games back to GameStop.
38-39) We also placed 2 video game accessories into the yard sale pile that they wouldn't accept.
40) A book I received but decided not to keep was put in the sell pile.

Sold: 1 more textbook for $3 profit and 3 video games for $6
Total earned: $69 since January 1st

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter Getaway

Today I am leaving for a winter getaway...

We will be doing this...
Outdoor mountain fun in the snow
Eating this...
Poutine- a Canadian favorite
For the uninitiated, that's fries, gravy, and fresh cheese curds
And spending our nights, strolling hand in hand through this...
My first time touring Old Quebec in the winter. Doesn't it look magical??

 I plan to read a few chick lit books while I'm there and swim in our hotel's heated pool some of the evenings. 

Have a wonderful winter week in my absence!

Monday, January 12, 2015

100 Things Challenge: Week 2 Update

Last week I purged 17 items and had earned $3 in sales.

This week I got rid of:
18) A bag of beauty products that neither one of us was ever going to use and although they were unopened they did not seem worth the trouble to sell or giveaway as they were several years old so I tossed them. This was a result of going through my bathroom's cupboards and identifying what I needed and didn't need from them!
19) Another video went to the yard sale pile

Sold: Two more textbooks
Total earned: $60 since January 1st

Next week, I plan to try Lydia's suggestion to sell some stuff on! Thanks, Lydia :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Giving generously of ourselves and our resources

One of my goals for 2015 is to give generously of myself and my resources.

I thought that I would take some time every few weeks to share some of the things we are doing or have done in case you are inspired to do this too. 

I was inspired by Crystal's Say Goodbye to Survival Mode and put this down as a goal last year when I read the book.

Here are some things I have done since the new year:
-Brought some special recipes and treats with others at gatherings
-Bring a Starbucks to a friend who is having a rough time
-Help a friend clean out her basement clutter for an afternoon
-Baked treats and assembled gift baskets for two family birthdays

I can't promise this will be a weekly post but I hope to post some ideas every few weeks of big and little ways that we are reaching out to help others to encourage others as well.

Monday, January 5, 2015

100 Things Challenge: Week 1 Update

1) I tossed a key this week that didn't go to anything we currently own
2-5) We began watching videos and set 3 in the yard sale pile and one aside to give away 
6+7) Sent 2 books to a friend starting a new job who will find them relevant
8-15) Listed 9 books to sell online (first one already sold for $3)
16+17) Gave 2 books away to a family member who will enjoy reading them

Total earned: $3 (that should be enough gas to get us out of...the county)

My goal was to purge 25 things this month to get off to a good start. So far, so good. I'll update again next week!

Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 Goals

professional goals
apply for promotion at work
lead a committee
participate in 2 other committees
offer to take a leadership position

relationship goals
generosity to strangers
host monthly dinner/movie or similar get together with friends
accept at least 1 social invite/month
nourish my best 4 girlfriends monthly
reach out to both sides of family monthly

financial goals
pay the mortgage down to 7%
max our roths
increase my 403b by 2% and dh's by 10%
Do a 100 things challenge
1 large box monthly to goodwill/sell online

personal goals
read 60 books this year
run a marathon
finish all courses except thesis for graduate degree
Watch every movie we own at least once (READ: be grateful for what we have before wanting more!)

fun goals
4 vacations (winter getaway, Paris, family trip, fall trip)
utilize credit card points to buy things and then cancel all but 2 no-fee credit cards by march 1st
host a large holiday party
weekly date night with my husband