Monday, March 2, 2015

100 Things Challenge: Week 9 Update

By last week, I had achieved my goal of selling or donating 75 items by the end of February. My goal is to finish this project in the next 2 weeks by finding 25 more items to sell or give away! On one hand, it's only 25 things and now that I'm on break from school for a few months I am confident I can do this. On the other hand, the end of decluttering is always a struggle as it gets harder and harder to find extra stuff. However, there is an area in the office I need to tackle that I know is rich with stuff I need to try to Ebay. So, follow along with me...

This past week I got rid of:
1 duplicate video we had in our collection
A puzzle
1 video we are ready to part with
2 pair of new pants, with tags, I've never worn and don't need
3 costume accessories I bought for years past and do not need to hold onto
Yet another lamp, and the sad part is I think there are still more lamps and lamp-related things to get 
rid of in the cellar
Total things: 84

I listed everything that needed to be listed on ebay this past week as well :)

Sold in March: Received a check for 3 of the books I had listed that sold for $9

Total earned: $93
$9 since March 1
$14 since February 1
$70 since January 1

Friday, February 27, 2015

How did I do in February?

image from

professional goals
participate in a committee meeting 
didn't make it to this but I'll try to attend next month
mentor- done!
finish another course for school-done!

relationship goals- All of these got done!
weekly acts of kindness and generosity
offer to host friends for a monthly dinner/movie twice
hang out with a group of friends at least twice
nourish my best 4 girlfriends
make time to visit both sides of our family

financial goals- All of these got done too!
check our credit reports
collect 2014 tax documents to file in March
Get up to 75 things listed or sold from the 100 things challenge 
Bring 1 large box of stuff to Goodwill

personal/fun goals
read 4 books this month
run/walk 8 miles/wk every week- this didn't happen, but I am really going to try next month
6 date nights (at home movies/dinners with gift cards!)- 4/6- Grrr, ok, I am making an effort these next 2 days to have date nights with my husband but we both worked a lot of hours the past 2 weeks so its understandable we didn't have more time together!

Monday, February 23, 2015

100 Things Challenge: 2 Month Update

As of last week we had sold or gotten rid of 72 things. My goal for February was to hit the 75 item mark. 
$4 for 15 cds and dvds from decluttr
Honestly, I was not impressed because they shorted me and did not even mention that when they emailed me to tell me my order had been received and approved. Nor did they mention that they shorted me in the letter they sent to me. When I logged into my account, I saw they acknowledged and received every item without a problem. Also I sent them the stuff a month ago and they just issued me a check this week. Overall, I would not waste my time with again! I could have probably done better tossing them in the yard sale pile.

I also popped 3 placemats we no longer need into the yard sale pile. Whatever happened to that 4th placemat? I know we used to have 4. Sigh. And, with that, I was able to reach my goal of 75 items for February. I'm now waiting for a check to come from buybacktextbooks. 

Total earned: 
$14 since February 1
$70 since January 1

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekly Acts of Kindness

As I said in January, one of my big goals for this year was to expand our generosity to make sure we are caring for others and acknowledging people we know, and strangers, on a regular basis. We are blessed with so much, and each and every day I am reminded of that. 

No matter how much you are suffering there is always someone who is dealing with far greater hardship. It's easy to get caught up in our own problems, many of them minor or really, in my case, often "potential" problems that I spend anxiety and energy worrying about far ahead of time. And then you read an article or see a news clip and you want to smack yourself upside the head and say "Seriously? What do YOU have to complain about?!" This week I saw video footage from the 1984 drought in Ethiopia and experienced one of those moments. 
Red Cross feeding camp, Ethiopia, 1984
It was heart wrenching and jaw dropping. And it reminds me how lucky I am to have people who love me, to live in a warm home in a free country, and to always have clean water and food readily available. There are so many things and so many people I take for granted every day.

But, even if I am not rescuing orphans from Africa or healing the sick in a war-torn country I can be a presence, a friend, and a help to those around me. I can serve those who have served me, either through their work or through their friendship. I can reach out and let others know that I care for them.

Here are some things I've done since my last check-in as weekly acts of kindness:
-sent a new vase and flowers to a family member who is sick
-took some girlfriends out to a restaurant and picked up the tab
-left a 50% tip for our waitress
-mailed an unexpected gift to a friend who could not afford to buy it for herself 
-sent an encouraging note to a friend going through a break-up

I encourage anyone reading to stop and reflect on what's the most memorable act of kindness you have given or received. If you're so inclined, please share below. I'm always looking for good ideas!

Monday, February 16, 2015

100 Things Challenge: Week 7

As of last week we had sold or gotten rid of 66 things. My goal for February is to hit the 75 item mark. 

Sold a pair of pants and a plastic storage tote with top $10
Sold 3 of the books I'd listed but I'm waiting for the check to come before I add it to my totals
Popped another dvd into the yard sale pile
Set 2 books aside for a friend who will enjoy them
Tossed my scale into the yard sale pile-- I can tell by my pants when it's time to lose weight and have no further need for tracking the number each week
Total things sold or given away: 72

Sold: $10 
...Still waiting for that decluttr check to come

Total earned: 
$10 since February 1
$70 since January 1

Looking for inspiration to sell big? Check out Queen Bee's blog where she sold $1200 worth of stuff, including large well-grouped lots of items (like pampered chef, bento box, and fabric pieces) for huge chunks of cash on a facebook virtual yard sale!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Winter Blahs

This winter has been a struggle with eating right and exercising.

I'm finishing up a graduate degree this year and spend a lot of days holed up inside reading, writing, and wishing it was graduation. One more year to go. I cannot put my health off and just wait until then to eat right and exercise. So, here are 3 things I am doing to get my health back on track this month:

1) Commit to 4 two mile walks/week (if I can get back to jogging that would be great, but getting back in shape starts with being willing to put on a tshirt and go for a walk)

2) Eat smaller portions of dessert
Let's get real, low carbing it is not easy, though it is effective. I may do that in March. But this month, I'm committed to eating smaller portions of dessert. And, when possible, choosing the sugar-free portion.

3) Drinking more water
It's easy to get out of the habit of drinking water, and in my case, replacing it with caffeine to fuel my daily activity. Ensuring I'm getting 8-10 full glasses of water daily helps my dry skin in the winter and keeps me feeling more full after meals.

Any other suggestions for fighting the winter blahs?

Monday, February 9, 2015

100 Things Challenge: Week 6

As of last week we had sold or gotten rid of 56 things. My goal for February is to hit the 75 item mark. So this week I visited the basement and picked out a few things to add to the yard sale pile. I also cleaned out a few random items around the house. I should easily hit 75 items this month although it's always tougher near the end of a decluttering project to find items so I'm trying not to get cocky. That yard sale is going to happen next month and I'm waiting for an ebay notice to list for free before I go online and list some of this.

-Dog accessories
-A movie
-2 CDs
-A coffee cup we've replaced
-An office chair we don't use or need
-4 lamps (I know, excessive to have extra lamps, but believe it or not 3 were gifts)
Total things: 66

Sold: $0 
Boo, I'm still waiting for that decluttr check to come

Total earned: 
$0 since February 1
$70 since January 1